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Rain (SSA)

Rain (2005) for SSA Choir and Piano (with optional Violin and Wind Chimes) [3:30]       Rain by Melody Dawning It’s raining It’s pouring It takes a rainstorm To make a flower grow And it must go through some

Mind, Body, Soul At Prayer (SSAA)

Mind, Body, Soul At Prayer (2012) for SSAA Choir [3:00] ~ Poetry by Bee Caspers ~ Originally for Alto Solo and TBB Choir ~ Also available as a transcription for String Orchestra       Program Notes: Bee Caspers’ poem

God Is Good (SSA)

God Is Good (2005) for SSA Choir and Percussion [2:30]       God Is Good by Melody Dawning God is good His love endures forever Everyone together bless His Holy Name God is good He gave to us salvation