Sonata for Clarinet and Piano

Sonata (2008) for Clarinet and Piano [18:00]
I. Largo Espressivo – Allegro Vivo
II. Moderato Teneramente
III. Presto Ritmico

Clarinet Sonata: Sample 1
Clarinet Sonata: Sample 2
Clarinet Sonata: Sample 3

Movement II is also available as a transcription for Clarinet and Orchestra under the title Sonnet.

Program Notes: Sonata for Clarinet and Piano was completed in December of 2008 and dedicated to clarinetist Micah Wright. The first movement (Largo Espressivo – Allegro Vivo) begins with unaccompanied clarinet playing a slow theme that becomes the basis for the lively 6-8 sonata form that follows. The movement is in the Dorian mode and employs many hemiolas. The second movement (Moderato Teneramente) is a slow, lyrical piece with a simple, triadic motive that is repeated and transformed throughout the movement. The third movement (Presto Ritmico) experiments with changing uneven meters and is largely based on the octatonic scale, with a brief return to the introduction of the first movement halfway through.

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