Proclaim (2013) for Wind Ensemble [6:00]
I. The Heavens Declare
II. The Law Of The Lord

~ A speech transcription of Psalm 19
~ First in the Psalm Series
~ 11 X 17 score and set of 34 parts (Piccolo featured as a soloist in Movement II)
Proclaim: Sample 1
Proclaim: Sample 2

To those who boldly proclaim the glory of God:
May the words of your mouth and the meditation of your heart be pleasing in His sight.

What is a speech transcription? A speech transcription is a musical composition that brings poetry to life without words. Although it is instrumental, the melodies are not simply an abstract representation of the text, but a literal transcription of the pitches and rhythms of a piece of poetry as it would be spoken aloud. To that end, a variety of irregular and mixed meters is often necessary.

Program Notes: Proclaim is a speech transcription of Psalm 19 (NIV 1984). The first movement, The Heavens Declare, is structurally organized as A-B-A plus coda, where the A section comprises verses 1-4a of the text, the B section is verses 4b-6, and the coda is verse 14. It is a celebration of the beauty of creation, a joyous fanfare in praise of the One who made it all and proclaimed that it was good. Movement II, The Law Of The Lord, opens with an introduction, then continues straight through the latter half of the psalm (verses 7-14). This is followed by two additional statements of verse 14, which culminates in a short coda of motives heard throughout the movement. This movement is contemplative yet powerful, a tribute to the law given by a loving God for the benefit of those who follow it. The two movements are played consecutively with no pause in between.

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