Forevergreen (Alto and Piano)

Forevergreen (2011) for Alto and Piano [5:30]
~ Transcription of Forevergreen for Alto Soloist and Orchestra

Forevergreen: Sample


by Melody Dawning

He stands alone, unnoticed
Until colors fade and fall lifeless
Crackling onto brittle soil

Celebrated at Christmastime
The only life to be found
In a world of white death

And then springs forth a sea of green
Drowning him in rivalry
Attracting attentions away

He stands alone, forgotten
After the snow melts to memory
Remembered only when again it falls

He never dies;
Why do you chase
The short-lived pleasure
Of that which will,
Leaving you
Emptier than before?

He never changes;
Why do you forget?
He is Evergreen
He always has been
He will always be
Forever green

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