At Prayer

At Prayer (2011) for String Orchestra [5:00]
~ Transcription of Mind, Body, Soul At Prayer for Alto Solo and TBB Choir
~ Also available as a transcription for SSAA Choir
~ 8.5 X 11 score and set of 5 parts

Program Notes: This work is a string orchestra transcription of “Mind, Body, Soul At Prayer” for unaccompanied men’s chorus with alto solo. Bee Caspers’ poem of the same title was given to me by her husband, Don Caspers, who requested I set it to music after he heard one of my previous choir compositions. Inspired by Don’s love and admiration for his wife, and also by the succinct yet stirring words of the poem, I set about bringing Bee’s poetry to life through music. I envisioned rich harmonies in the low register to project the peaceful atmosphere of the poem, and I selected the unique choral instrumentation to represent the voice of the poet (the alto solo) and the strong support she had from her husband (the men’s chorus). Although the entire string orchestra is utilized in this transcription, the same subdued atmosphere prevails due to the lack of high-register passages in the violins. A descending stepwise figure which creates 4-3 suspensions with the bass voice permeates and unifies the work.

Mind, Body, Soul At Prayer
by Bee Caspers

May I be in Your presence, Lord.
To feel Your calm,
And be at peace.
To hear Your voice,
And claim Your message.
To know Your truth,
And live life abundantly!

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Forevergreen (Orchestra)
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