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  • PreciousPrecious Cover

    Precious (2013) for Wind Ensemble [6:00] I. Behind And Before II. Wonderfully Made ~ A speech transcription of Psalm 139 ~ Second in the Psalm Series ~ 11 X 17 score and set of 34 parts   To my future children: I love

  • Prelude To EternityPrelude To Eternity Cover

    Prelude To Eternity (2009) for Orchestra [9:00] ~ 8.5 X 14 score and set of 28 parts     Program Notes: The title Prelude To Eternity is a poetic expression for death. The idea behind the work is that for

  • ProclaimProclaim Cover

    Proclaim (2013) for Wind Ensemble [6:00] I. The Heavens Declare II. The Law Of The Lord ~ A speech transcription of Psalm 19 ~ First in the Psalm Series ~ 11 X 17 score and set of 34 parts (Piccolo featured as a

  • PromisePromise Cover

    Promise (2015) for Wind Ensemble [7:00] I. I Cried Out II. I Will Remember ~ A speech transcription of Psalm 77 ~ Fourth in the Psalm Series ~ 11 X 17 score and set of 34 parts   To the man to whom

  • ProtectProtect Cover

    Protect (2014) for Wind Ensemble [8:30] I. May The Lord II. He Who Dwells ~ A speech transcription of Psalms 20 and 91 ~ Third in the Psalm Series ~ 11 X 17 score and set of 34 parts   To my parents:

  • Reflect and RejoiceReflect and Rejoice Cover

    Reflect and Rejoice (2011) for Clarinet, Trumpet, and Piano [3:30]

  • Sax-chaconneSax-chaconne Cover

    Sax-chaconne (2010) for Saxophone Quartet [8:00]       Program Notes: Although Sax-chaconne is not a true chaconne in the strictest sense, it is based on the principle of the repetition and variation of a single musical idea, in this

  • Sonata for Clarinet and PianoClarinet Sonata Cover

    Sonata (2008) for Clarinet and Piano [18:00] I. Largo Espressivo – Allegro Vivo II. Moderato Teneramente III. Presto Ritmico Movement II is also available as a transcription for Clarinet and Orchestra under the title Sonnet. Program Notes: Sonata for Clarinet

  • Sonnet for Clarinet and OrchestraSonnet for Clarinet and Orchestra Cover

    Sonnet (2016) for Clarinet and Orchestra [6:00] ~ Transcription of Movement II of Sonata for Clarinet and Piano ~ 8.5 X 14 score and set of 24 parts

  • Sui GenerisSui Generis Cover

    Sui Generis (2009) for Trumpet and Piano [7:00] Program Notes: Sui Generis (Latin for “one-of-a-kind” or “in a class of its own”) was composed in April of 2009 for Andrew Classen, professor of trumpet and jazz studies at Drake University,

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