Welcome to melodydawning.com!

Thank you for visiting my new website! I’ve been dreaming and planning for quite a long time, so it’s wonderful to finally see it come to fruition. My friend Eric McClain did an amazing job with the design, don’t you think?

I’m blessed beyond measure to be a composer, and now I’m thrilled to be able to share my music with you!

[August 12, 2012]

Why I Chose Self-Publishing
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  1. Patti Vehmann says:

    Congratulations Melody!!! Will check this out more at length after we move. Way to go in using the gifts God has given you. You are a hardworker! God bless.

  2. Kevin Slaikeu says:

    Wow, your official with your own site. Nice site, a lot of music and still yourself. I’m sure you will continue to produce compelling music. Can’t wait for more!

  3. Amy Crawford says:

    Nice webpage, Melody! Congrats! Your music is wonderful, and you are so incredibly talented! I loved the song you wrote that the worship team sang on Sunday!!

  4. Heather Weeda says:

    Looks awesome Melody!! I am so excited for you!! :D

  5. Taryn Hoadley says:

    Amazing website Melody! You are such an amazing person and I am so proud and happy for you that you have come this far!!! I expect I shall see greater things to come?! =D

  6. Heather Hart says:

    It looks awesome, Melody! Way to go!

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