New Beginnings

So a funny thing happens when you talk about letting go of “should” – it often brings back your “want to”! Which brings me to…

Good news! I’m composing again! Part of me has that hopelessly lost feeling that generally accompanies the start of a new piece, but most of me is excited, and I guess I’ve been doing this long enough to know that there’s nothing wrong with experimenting for awhile before I “know” what I’m doing (does any composer ever really “know” what they’re doing?), and I don’t have to love it right away, either. I’m just trying to take it as it comes and not force the solutions that usually work themselves out in time anyway.

In a nutshell, I’m taking the text of one of my favorite Psalms, analyzing the pitch and rhythm of the way the text would be spoken, then transcribing it as an instrumental melody line and turning it into a piece for full wind ensemble. No pressure, right? Yeah, it’s going to be a challenge, but that’s how we grow!

Also, I’ve recently updated my website so that it now has cover images, program notes, and text (for vocal compositions). I think everything turned out well, and I’m glad to have it done!

That’s about it for today. No deep thoughts or anything…I’m too busy composing!

Oh, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Hope you wore green today! If not…


[March 17, 2013]

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