H-U-S-T-L-E, Hustle for a Victory!

My favorite blogger, Jon Acuff, would be so proud of me.

In his book called Quitter (which I’d highly recommend to anyone who does not currently have their dream job), he talks about “hustling” in order to achieve your dreams. (You thought the title of this post was about sports, didn’t you? I can see how you would think that, given my cheerleading background and my passion for all things football…ha!)

In light of my new job that came with a hefty commute, it’s been really difficult to find time to work on the composition I’m writing for the local high school band. Those of you who know me know I’m not a morning person. But I figured, hey, if I have to wake up unnaturally anyway (e.g. to an alarm), what difference is half an hour going to make? So I started getting up at 6:30 instead of 7:00 and working on it first thing in the morning while listening to Andy Stanley sermons or Gungor albums. And it makes me feel great! It’s still technically “work,” but it’s work toward my dream rather than work because I “have to.” And doing it in the morning means my mind is fresh, the house is quiet, and I can focus my attention completely on my dream. After all, according to Jon Acuff, fear and doubts don’t like to get up early, so that’s the best time to hustle.

It’s such a little thing (and some of you are probably thinking I’m a wimp for thinking 6:30 is early), but it wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t intentionally decided to do it. So what little things can you do to make progress toward your goals? However small it seems, it’s better than doing nothing at all, and I promise it’s worth it.

I’d expound on this more, but I can’t…I’ve got some serious hustling to do!

[October 6, 2012]

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