Yearly Archives: 2014

Fear Not…Why Not?

One of my biggest fears as a composer is that I’ll completely run out of ideas someday. I remember learning about composer Aaron Copland in my college years, and how he just quit writing music altogether toward the end of

It’ll Come

Today is “National Day of Encouragement,” and the timing couldn’t be better for me to share a new song with you. But first, let me share a Scripture that is very dear to my heart: For the Lord your God

No Matter What (Or, Ezekiel and the Importance of Being Stubborn)

I have a strong propensity toward stubbornness…and it ain’t always pretty! I think we tend to regard stubbornness as an inherently negative quality, a rough edge that needs to be smoothed off. Sometimes it is. But did you ever consider

Introducing Protect for Wind Ensemble!

I’m thrilled to announce that I will be releasing my third Psalm Series piece on August 26! By the time I finish the final edit (SOON! Praise the Lord!), it will have taken me about the same amount of time

Messengers Through Music

I’ve been reading through the Chronicles in my Bible lately, and let me just tell you, there are some really interesting little tidbits that are super easy to miss amidst a sea of unpronounceable Jewish names (case in point: the

When Music Nerds Fall In Love

Can you believe it’s February already? How about we start it off right with a super silly love song for all you musicians out there? I give you: “When Music Nerds Fall In Love!” Enjoy! When Music Nerds Fall In Love